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VJC holding framed heart jewelry artwork

About VJC
@ Framed and Bejeweled

The Full Story:

Inspiring passion through creativity.

A guest relations manager and hospitality expert for over 30 years, I suffered a long-lasting injury which led to chronic pain. I found peace and presence through designing one-of-a-kind art pieces out of vintage jewelry. Hearts at Framed and Bejeweled represent calmness and being present in your moment through whatever pain you're going through.


I found healing by telling a story through each bespoke creation, finding that peace is possible and pain has a purpose. 


My customer is someone who has a story and can see a part of it in my pieces.  Framed and Bejeweled captures the tranquility and profound peace that comes from being in touch with the heart's energy in the universe. 


My collections speak kindness, love and acceptance into the world by using personal, salvaged thrifted and up cycled materials.


Place your hand on your heart what do you feel ?

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