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Commission an original Framed and Bejeweled Heartwork


This meaningful experience is an opportunity to express, commemorate, or honor an emotion or feeling you may want to put into the heart piece.  

The essence of each piece acts as a connective, centering medium - a place to meditate and get in touch with the calm within your heartspace, and tap into the outer calm that is created from the abundance of heart energy in the universe.

Unique compositions created over time with multiple consultations to ensure your moment, loved one, memory, or whatever we conceptualize is organically realized by the art. 


  • Memorials for Family, Funerals, Pets, Services

  • Personal belongings of loved ones

  • Birthday gifts

  • Wedding 

  • Anniversary

  • Graduation

  • Home Art

  • Conversation piece

  • Commercial environments such as lobbies, waiting rooms, offices, dining rooms

  • Yoga and meditation studios


Deadlines will be agreed upon by both parties, as such, it is important to notify Framed and Bejeweled in advance of any holidays, anniversaries, or desired dates of receipt.

Custom sizes are available on enquiry should the artwork need to be hung in a specific space. All commission enquiries considered if not contracted. Not all timeframes are possible, and this will be advised prior to confirming any booking.

Framed and Bejeweled speaks love and kindness into the world by accepting private and public commissions worldwide.

To express interest in a commission, please get in touch using the contact form below.

VJC founder of Framed and Bejeweled holding jewelery

Get in Touch

Describe YOUR Heart below.  In as much detail as possible, feel free to elaborate and attach any images (if appropriate). Once this information is received VJC will contact you at his earliest convenience to make an appointment to discuss your vision and one-of-a-kind (He)art piece.

This helps to inform VJC of what is in your heart for the artwork. 

Provide any information about the subject or client such as:

  • Favorite Colors

  • Favorite Quote

  • Favorite Song or Music

  • Places that remind you of them or your heartbeat

  • Themes in your or their lives or any recurring symbols


Thanks for submitting!

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