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Place your hand on your heart…

What Do You Feel ?

VJC at workshop assembling jewelry to go in frame

That’s Step One to creating and connecting with the Heart pieces at Framed and Bejeweled.


From there, VJC at Framed & Bejeweled captures the tranquility and profound peace that comes from being in touch with that heartbeat.


Before the start of each piece, VJC centers his heartbeat with the rhythmic flow of his breathing.  


Eyes closed, heart open.  Breathing in peace from the universe and exhaling the expansive abundance of all things good and true, VJC picks up his tools to begin composing pieces of his heart to share with you. 


With a focus on environmentalism, preservation, and a keen eye for repurposing, VJC heads to the local thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales to scour for treasures long lost to the modern world.  These he reinvents in the only way his heart can, with loving kindness and vulnerability, crafting something brand new but with a vintage soul.


Choose from the widely popular collections below, or contact today to explore a personalized commissioned heart piece.



Kind Hearts Rock Collection
Diamond Collection

Black Collection

Memento Mori

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